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Seabike Snorkeling Set

Seabike Snorkeling Set

More Info:

  • Swimming with fins over long distances and without proper preparation is difficult and can overstress your muscles.
  • Seabike solved this problem: when pedaling a water bike, a swimmer uses the same muscles as when they walk. This means your muscles are already used to the exercise, and you will not find the distances of several kilometers scary and tiring.
  • The snorkeling set allows you to easily swim away from a crowded beach and enjoy wild coral reefs, which will be safe for you as well as the reefs.
  • With our inflatable board, you will not have to stand on fragile, sharp corals: it will keep you secure on the water and allow you to relax or explore the underwater world in the see-through window.


The technical characteristics of the SEABIKE PRO water bike ensure easy transportation and make it maneuverable when you use it:

  • Model weight - 2.6 kg
  • Package dimensions - 550 x 170 x 170 mm.
  • The Seabike design uses a mechanical drive, so it does not need to be charged.

General technical characteristics of the snorkeling set:

  • Kit weight - 4.8 kg;
  • Package dimensions - 640 x 350 x 260 mm.
    570,00 €Prix
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