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Download User Manual

SEABIKE Service is a new kind of service center where we do service and customer education. Our experienced associates are always ready to offer qualified advice to anybody needing it. We have already gained reputation of a very knowledgeable and reliable service center, POST WARRANTY SERVICE (if your warranty has expeired or the device was used outside of the scope of warranty usage). SEABIKE is a fine complicated machine with its mechanical parts prone to wear out at a certain point. This is why it is important to have it serviced in a timely manner.

Download documentation for SEABIKE product

Warranty | We are so confident about our product, we will warranty its proper performance according to the user manual for 12 months. Please refer to our recommended use sections of the User Manual and Service Book. In a warranty case, our service center will cover shipping to and from customer from anywhere in the world. Detailed warranty conditions are described in the Service Book.

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